Facebook News and Other Headlines

The facebook news feed algorithm is now designed to predict what stories a person most wants to hear and therefore provide informative posts for the user.

These predictions are based upon the user’s likes and other profile information, as well as interaction with other posts, and as a result may offer two different users very different newsfeeds.

What this means for business: Some pages may pick up a little traffic. Some may lose some.

The New Facebook News Feed Algorithm | SiO Digital | Inbound Marketing Agency

Less Clickbait

If your marketing strategy revolves entirely around clickbait, bad news. Clickbait articles are among the highest grievances of facebook users, and as a result, Facebook’s sorting algorithms have placed a lower priority in pushing them through the newsfeed.

What this means for business: Any business focused on clickbait to gather information or sell products will likely see a significant drop in terms of audiences.

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Facebook News Feed Algorithm Focuses on Friends

Given the focus on friends and family, it is no surprise that the facebook news feed algorithm is tailored to place the people closest in one’s life at the front of the feed. Additionally, posts and information related to a person’s core values also receive this priority. The message seems to be ‘be yourself, love who you are, stay connected with loved ones.’

What this means for business: Sounds like it will be good to expand target audiences, and advertise in accordance with the core values of various demographics.

The New Facebook News Feed Algorithm | SiO Digital | Inbound Marketing Agency

Live Video vs. Pre-recorded

The facebook news feed algorithm noticed that live streaming videos are typically watched much longer than segments of pre-recorded video. As such, the former is slated to appear higher and more often in the news feeds of users.

What this means for business: It’s time to break out the promotional stunts. ‘Live’ and ‘Now’ are in, and to hold the audience, it’s important to show products in motion.

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Engagement Probability

In February 2016, Facebook decided to adjust the algorithm to focus upon high ranked posts. The goal? To put posts a user was most likely to interact with using the various tools (like, comment, share) at the top of the news feed.

What this means for business: It’s important to have something that will motivate the consumer- not just to buy, but to approve of and interact with online. 

Ultimately, what we can take away from the facebook news feed algorithm and its most recent changes is the following: connection and interaction among people brings sales by increasing exposure and spreading information and advertisements by word of mouth, along with exciting (live) adventures. It’s necessary to appeal to the core values of the target audience to make that happen, and to bring them together so they can share in that.

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