snapchat brings a “Mission: Impossible” element to social media, and many businesses are choosing to add a Snapchat marketing strategy to their arsenals. As each snap self-destructs in 10 seconds, the short lifespan of these photos and videos prompt an urgency that ensures viewers will return for an update.

Jumping on the Snapchat Bandwagon

Marketing Revolution of Snapchat | SiO Digital | Inbound Marketing

Why Snapchat?

Snapchat’s time limits encourage users to stay up-to-date. Snaps, or photos, share a moment in time and vanish within ten seconds of being viewed. Any number of snaps can be tied together into a chronological Story, which evaporates after 24 hours.

Snapchat is a conversation, in the moment and authentic. Businesses can connect with customers in new ways by developing a Snapchat marketing strategy. The platform creates a more intimate voice for businesses, and a chance to interact with fans on a personal level. Emotional buy-in means customers are more likely to discuss and promote the business.

Snapchat rivals Facebook in video viewing statistics, according to marketing director Suzanne Delzio, and 60% of young American adults with smartphones use Snapchat. The platform’s only display option is vertical, a convenience to those same smartphone users and a format more likely to be viewed to video’s end. Businesses can use this fact to inform their Snapchat marketing strategy.

Just as Snapchat is unique in a sea of social media, a Snapchat marketing strategy must also be unique, said Gary Vaynerchuk in the Huffington Post. What works on other platforms will bomb on Snapchat. Number of visitors, hits or views is irrelevant, he said, because customers need to interact with content to be hooked. Businesses that create high quality content on Snapchat will set themselves apart, and receive even higher returns when they direct traffic to Snapchat from their other social media accounts.

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Marketing Revolution of Snapchat | SiO Digital | Inbound Marketing

Developing a Snapchat Marketing Strategy

The most popular strategies for marketing on Snapchat incorporate the limited timestamp to fuel interest through promo codes, discounts, coupons, and daily deals. Frugal customers will follow businesses that periodically present big savings opportunities, and they will keep coming back for more. Giveaways and contests also give customers a reason to continually return to a company’s Snapchat, whether to check for new offers, enter a drawing, or find out who won. Announcing top-secret invitations and events for loyal followers adds value to this type of Snapchat Marketing Strategy.

Displaying a business’s behind-the-scenes view is a Snapchat marketing strategy that makes viewers feel like insiders. The same is true for any content different from that posted on other social media accounts by the same business. Family photos, an office tour, pets … the goal is to give customers a more intimate look at the company.

Another Snapchat marketing strategy interacts with followers by encouraging their participation. Customers who post a snap of a business’s product or take a selfie with that product earn incentives like having their photo published by the company or receiving a discount, promo code or giveaway. When a celebrity, professional or fan has free access to post on a business’s Snapchat account, the takeover makes followers feel included in the company’s community.

Using Snapchat’s timestamp to tease an event or information builds customer anticipation and involvement. With this Snapchat marketing strategy, a photo is posted that hints at an upcoming occasion, with the lingering promise of more information forthcoming. Alternatively, creating an engaging Snapchat Story and running just the beginning on Snapchat and other social media platforms, draws customers back to the account to see other installments of the video.

A Snapchat marketing strategy utilizes the platform’s time limits to keep customers coming back for more. Organizations that dismissed Snapchat a year ago are changing direction as they see its success is not an impossible mission. Gary Vaynerchyk put it this way, “…like most social media platforms that manage to last long enough, Snapchat has begun its transition from a novelty visual app to a legitimate business tool.”

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