If you’re not convinced that your business should write blog articles we are here to say otherwise. Blogging is extremely important for your business. Plus, it’s practically free press for your brand. We list a few of the most important reasons your company should write blog articles:

What’s the Big Deal with Blogging?

1. Increases organic search engine traffic

2. Humanizes your brand

Writing blog posts gives your company a creative outlet to add personality to your brand as well as a distinct voice in which to tell your story. People value honesty and transparency.

3. Supports social media campaigns

Use it to support existing campaigns and promote share-ability across multiple platforms.

4. Builds authority and reputation in your industry

Education is a valuable tool that everyone can see benefit in.

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5. Improves conversion rates

If you regularly write blog articles it shows activity and investment in your online presence. High-quality content also helps grow brand loyalty by building confidencethrough relationships.

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6. Generates more inbound links when you write blog articles

Which is one of the SEO pillars of success.

7. Helps your rank for long-tail searches

25 Reasons Why Your Business Should Write Blog Articles | SiO Digital | Inbound Marketing Agency

8. Increases leads and conversion rates

9. Facilitates useful engagement and discussion

10. Your business achieves the “freshness factor”

Google loves websites with evergreen content.

11. Positions your business as an industry leader

When you write blog articles and share your expertise with others they will learn to trust you.

12. Develops better customer relations

Increased engagement and two-way conversations are central to staying relevant and important.

13. Fuels Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you write blog articles with the right keywords in the right way your organic search rates will skyrocket.

14. Keeps you focused on your content marketing strategy

15. Builds confidence, relationships, and sales

They are all interlinked.

16. It’s a cost-effective marketing investment

17. Gives you audience insight

Use blog analytics and track your metrics to make sure you’re aligned with your goals.

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25 Reasons Why Your Business Should Write Blog Articles | SiO Digital | Inbound Marketing Agency

18. Drives long term results

19. Serves as a testing ground for bigger campaigns

20. Gets your customers and your employees more familiar with what you do

21. Builds company culture

22. Connects you to other industry leaders and thinkers

23. Allows for exploration of other marketing techniques

Maybe try your hand at video marketing?

24. Increases your status

Using outbound links and having other refer to your work can increase your status as an industry leader

25. Improves your knowledge of what works for you

Over time you will develop and perfect your strategy on what is most effective and constructive when you write blog articles.