You live, you learn, you upgrade. Change is good, at least where the new Facebook business page is concerned.

Facebook Pages Help Humanize Your Brand

Whether your business page is well-established or you are starting from scratch, you’ll find the updated layout uncluttered, user friendly and well organized. The spacious redesign can help you connect with Facebook’s pool of 1.5 billion potential visitors, readers and customers.

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The New Facebook Business Page: Picturing Your Identity

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the redesigned business page has plenty to say. The profile picture has been moved to a prominent position above the left column, no longer overlaying the cover photo. This new location highlights the importance of your profile picture or logo, symbolizing the brand and identity of your business. The cover photo, now unobstructed, calls for stunning graphics or photography as the main focus of the new Facebook business page. Think of this space as an advertising billboard, to help you attract attention or feature announcements and events.

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The New Facebook Business Page: A Word to the Wise

In the spirit of saying a great deal in few words, the new layout features fewer words and more white space, making specific terms easier for visitors to find and use. The title of your business page has a distinguished spot below your profile picture, followed by your user name. The page menu links now have a home in the left column, below your profile pic and title, and the entire left column remains static while a user scrolls down your page. This keeps your important information quickly at hand for readers.

The call to action button has been transferred to the white space directly below the cover photo, and its list of options can help visitors contact you, link to an app, or learn more about your business. About, photos and info have been grouped in the right column for convenience. The post engagement section is for your eyes only, now perched front and center above the news feed, with links to all the metrics you need to analyze and improve engagement for your new Facebook business page.

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You will find lots of convenient and organized ways to improve your branding in the new Facebook business page. Pleasant to look at and easy to use for both owners and visitors, the tool helps you establish your identity and analyze visitor engagement. Defining who you are and where you’re going, the sky’s the limit.

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