AI is your tireless servant and most qualified consultant. We hear about the various ways artificial intelligence is enhancing productivity and efficiency in many fields throughout all kinds of industries, but nowhere is it currently having as intense an impact on revenue results as it is in the business of marketing.

Digital marketing has not just revolutionized the advertising landscape; it has induced a full-on renaissance in the way we receive, handle, manipulate, and process the cornucopia of data swashing around out in cyberspace. Each datum about a consumer is like another key that unlocks new potential for marketing possibilities and sales leads. Those who get ahead in this labyrinth of data and consumer trends aren’t necessarily geniuses: they’re just smart enough to outsource their marketing intelligenceto something super-human.

Computers can process silly-crazy amounts of information versus even the best team you could assemble with an unlimited budget and all the best workplace perks – like free snacks and a hammock in the break room. AI doesn’t have an appetite (except for more data) and it never lies down on the job. It breaks its back for you 24/7 while you eat snacks and lay in that hammock (or work on something humans are still better than computers at). If it seems to you like your entire purpose in life is watching that bottom line, nothing makes more sense than the unbeatable ROI of an automated and intelligent decision making framework.

In other words, Artificial Intelligence is reshaping marketing.

Why Adopt AI for Paid Advertising?

Artificial Intelligence in PPC: no more Guesswork

The “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” approach is interesting, mainly from a sociological and psychological point of view as it pertains to marketing online, but why are you throwing stuff at the wall? And is it sticky enough? Maybe try aiming next time… or better yet, recruit an all-star pitcher to pitch heat on your behalf. I’m about to break down some fundamental ways that AI can help you hit a home run, or hit the bullseye, or whatever “throwing” metaphor you dig.

Perfectly Match Your Offers with User Needs

Machine learning based pay-per-click automation software makes it easier to cut to the core of what inbound marketing is all about. Your customer is out there, somewhere, probably near a computer or something, and they’re looking for you. They just don’t know it yet. You offer solutions. AI matches your solutions with real people who are trying to solve a problem in real time. By diligently analyzing the effectiveness of paid ads on a non-stop miss-nothing basis you absolutely maximize the effectiveness and simultaneously optimize the cost-per-click every time. More leads? Less expense? What more do you need to know? Well how about some hard numbers…

Impact of Machine Learning on Paid Advertising Performance

(Based on 33,000 accounts using Acquisio.)


And these are just averages. Larger organizations can see even juicer improvement in PPC ad performance. Trivago, which helps users find best deals on hotels, reported an increase in conversions of 36% after utilizingGoogle’s “Smart Display” feature, which is their native artificial intelligence AdWords optimization platform.

Hulu Japan as well as Credit Karma both just barely out-performed Trivago in improving conversion rates after adopting that same auto-intelligent PPC system, reporting a 37% jump in the number of ads users were attracted to and clicked-through.

Logical conclusion: AI-powered AdWords is better than regular AdWords. AI PPC campaigns outperform your old-fashioned hit-or-miss guesswork by a large margin, but that doesn’t mean PPC professionals are out of a job. Artificial intelligence simply automates the optimization process so that they can better concentrate on the more creative aspects of their profession.

The ultimate benefit of utilizing AI in a paid advertising strategy is that you’re hyper-targeting the most highly qualified audience: those folks who are actively seeking a solution and are ready to open their wallet for whoever can deliver.

What’s so intelligent about pay-per-click artificial intelligence you ask? Well for starters,AI’s “machine learning” capabilities allow it to learn from marketing intelligence, i.e. collect and detect patterns in users known interests, purchase history, and web browsing activity. It can discover new search opportunities that your mammalian mind may not have considered, and it knows how to automate the bidding process so that you aren’t paying more than you should for the qualified leads you love to receive.

The Benefits of Implementing AI-Powered PPC

A list of prolifically beneficial features brought to us by AI-enhanced paid ads includes (but is not limited to…):

  • Hyper Dynamic Targeting
  • Autonomous Marketing optimization
  • Social campaign Measurement
  • Dynamic AI prediction
  • Cross Social Optimization
  • Autonomous A/B Testing
  • Dynamic Bidding Automation
  • Cross social network distribution

Competition in your industry is fierce, right? So don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, but do remember that the pen is mightier than the sword. That probably applies to your computer keyboard too, right? Yes, probably. Nobody ever composed a high-converting keyword-optimized buyer-centric landing page using a samurai sword or katana blade. Maybe with one of those Swiss-army knives, in a pinch…

But if you’re wondering how to actually get started harnessing the power of machine learning to trim the fat from your keyword bids and drop your poor-performing ads faster than, let’s say a hot potato… if you’re worried you won’t know what to do with the marketing intelligence you receive, well then HERE are some of the leading tools of the trade for you, but proceed with caution… these tools can be powerful weapons of mass conversion 😉


With Trapica, you target on the PPC platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks. Its advanced AI processes and use of behavioral prediction have made it one of the leading platforms for intelligent automation of PPC campaigns.


This is another great cross-publisher ad management platform. Machine learning makes it smarter and smarter as time goes on. Some of the key benefits are the speed and frequency of bid adjustments and all-in-one dashboard. You never lose sight of your analytics.

Frank is your multitasking, streamlining assistant for all things pay-per-click. Forget spreadsheets and countless hours of work to create and launch campaigns across multiple platforms. Quote Frank does online advertising for you Unquote. Define your campaign strategy, create your banners, and let Frank launch and optimize.

And Always Monitor Your Campaigns

Remember to check up on the results you’re getting by digging into your analytical data to make sure the 1’s and 0’s know what they’re doing. They learn best they can, but even though the premise of AI is that it is autonomous, AI still needs our guidance from time to time. One main thing to watch for is making sure user search intent is properly interpreted, so that queries aren’t being confused with similarly worded but fundamentally different searches. Staying on top of your keywords and actively assessing their relevance is up to you. Your loyal AI systems will do whatever you tell them to do, but conversely, they can essentially only do what you tell them to do. And while they make the best decisions they know how to, sometimes they “need more input.”

For instance… Spellcheck AI told me “productiveness” wasn’t a word back in the first paragraph here, but I’m not gonna let some robot boss me around … even if it does extremely enhance myproductiveness (and my ROI!).