Have you ever felt delighted by an experience as a consumer? What about those times when you got off the phone with a customer service representative after profusely thanking them for basically just doing their job? Did you take the survey?

Maybe giving them a 5-star rating didn’t feel like enough. You go on raving about your delightful experience to your friends and family, business associates and co-workers, and eventually you start to hear an echo. 1 in 5 people you talked to will vividly recall your enthusiasm for the company next time they are in need of a similar service.

This is what really takes companies to the next level. When people start talking about your company on their own time, with no incentive to themselves, you’ve mastered the art of delighting your customers. It is imperative that you make the most of this upward inertia towards success. Make sure that you’re consistently delighting customers on a routine basis, and you’ll reap the rewards of evangelic success.


According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, the cost of attracting a new customer is upwards of 6-7 times more expensive than retaining the right customer.

Despite that, incidentally, only 7% of customers say that they got their expectations exceeded by the caliber of the customer service they received from a company.

Delighting the customer begins at lead acquisition.

You can delight a customer from the moment you market to them by understanding their needs and providing a solution right there from the beginning.

Good marketing is helpful, in that it helps the customer find what it is that they’ve been looking for, or in fact something they didn’t even know they’d need.

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Inbound Marketing Means They Come to You

The least often discussed area of inbound marketing is the magical activity that happens in a happy client’s mind when you’re surpassed all their expectations. 

The key to having your customers do your advertising for you is to absolutely delight them from the beginning to the end of the sales process and everywhere there-after. 

This means following up with top-notch customer service, handling any complaints or concerns with such elegance that you turn snags or hitches in the plan into opportunities to dazzle your clientele.

Don’t just meet your customer’s expectations — EXCEED them.

“Any business with delighted customers has a sales force they won’t have to pay; You don’t see them, but they are talking to people all the time.” – Warren Buffet

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These are some of the top ways to delight your clients and transform them into your own evangelical force:

Major Ways to Delight Clients

Give a Gift

An enticing coupon is often enough to close the sales funnel.

Be Unexpected

Do something original so that you’ll stand out.

Listen to your Client

Every client is unique and usually willing to share their own story.

Make Them a Priority

Send them personalized thank you note or surprise them with a birthday gift.

Resolve Problems

Don’t dismiss complaints with excuses, rather, ask how you can fix it and then try your darndest to.

Respect Boundaries

Give them privacy options regarding their personal data, don’t harass them with endless calls and emails, give them some space.

Share Your Culture

Offer them ways to act as brand ambassadors and provide incentives.

Embrace Customer Culture

Try to relate to people sincerely rather than making it all about business.

Delight Customers into Evangelists

The Customer Service Perspective

It can sometimes be easy to underestimate the value of spectacular, over-the-top incredible customer service. While the advice here would be prudent to follow, it shouldn’t actually lead front-and-center as your highest priority. Evidence seems to show that consumers are much more ready to punish poor customer service than they are to reward over-the-top customer service.

While focusing on these shiny facets of delighting your customer, bear in mind that this must lay atop a secure foundation of basic customer service essentials. The perks and extras are all for naught if you drop the ball due to not practicing your fundamentals.

The whole point of delighting your customers is to increase and enhance customer loyalty. While plain-vanilla customer service basics aren’t as flashy as all we’ve talked about here today, those basics are the cake upon which we lay our frosting. When a client or customer of yours does think to bring you up in conversation, it really solidifies their endorsement of your caliber to be able to follow a statement about delight with a statement about dependability.

Be sure you’re mastering the basics of customer service and consistently meeting expectations before, and after you start spending your resources on OVERexceeding your clients’ expectations.

“Delighting” is becoming more of a buzzword but it still means what it means. Delighting customers puts you in the upper-echelon of businesses when it comes to customer service excellence. By delighting your clients/customers with your service during and after moving them through the sales funnel, you set yourself apart from most companies.

By doing so, you do exactly what the Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffett) recommends. You’re turning your customer base into a cost-free sales force that sells other people on your company for you. &This is like the Holy Grail of inbound marketing. Make sure you’re setting yourself apart from the competition by doing what only a small percent of companies seem to be able to do … DELIGHTING your clients!

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