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Written by Richard Farrell
on August 21, 2017

Why do SEO and content marketing form such a powerful pair?

How do you make sure you publish relevant, valuable content that also helps you rank?

You have to manage your content with SEO in mind to create optimally effective content marketing. This allows you to build your brand and attract more qualified leads with the potential to convert into customers. Ask any marketing agency - a successful campaign results from combining a variety of marketing methods to maximize lead generation and growth. Search Engine Optimization is one of those methods.

Here's a visual representation of the results generated by the combination of SEO strategy with content value. Ongoing efforts lead to more visits from organic traffic (meaning the users found the content when searching for specific keywords), and more visits from social media (confirming the fact that the content marketing distribution strategy is performing).




SEO and digital content marketing - more precisely dynamic smart content - make a great couple when it comes to online marketing strategies. Dynamic content refers to web content that changes in real time based on behavior and to reflect different industries or personas. It is personalized and ensures the elimination of repeat conversations by using smart CTAs. With its goal being to deliver an engaging and satisfying online experience for the visitor, it adapts based on the data you have about the user. SEO has no reason to exist unless the digital content you submit for consideration is valuable to both Google and your audience


Stepping Back and Seeing What Smart SEO Is Really all about


Google is essentially a librarian whose library is the entirety of the internet. It compiles information about everything online to help users find exactly what they're searching for. A special algorithm turns all that excessive amount of information into useful results, making sure the most relevant and helpful pages rank higher in search results. 

Smart SEO consists of aligning keyword strategy with UX/UI (user experience/user interface) by implementing natural keywords into helpful, unique content. Digital content comes on board with on-page keyword optimization that harmonizes with the web design to create the perfect SEO and content marketing strategy. To reach full potential, the page should also be using internal links and smart backlink building to foster traffic. Content marketing makes link building easier through relevant content that other sites will find valuable and, therefore, link back to.

If an internet user searches for ‘SEO’ and ‘potion’ and everything checks out, search engines will conclude that it's worthy content and present the meta description to the user for their consideration. 


SEM Rush's content template tool provides recommendations to optimize your content for SEO keyword ranking.



How to Fuse the Content Marketing and SEO Strategy


Inbound Marketing operates on the premise that people buy goods and services from people who are trustworthy and knowledgeable. If I wanted to add Vooma Gel to my motorcycle in my college days, I would shop around brick and mortar accessories stores until I found a knowledgeable salesperson with valuable input on the topic. I usually took their word seriously and invested in the upgrades they recommended.

I could purchase motorcycle upgrades on the internet using these same techniques if I subscribed to a blog written by a motorcyclist known for well-informed industry input. If the company behind the blog emailed me saying, “Hey Rich, we see you're interested in tuned motorcycle exhausts and we have some specials going on”, they might just have a deal. None of this would happen if I did not find their blog thanks to SEO, and if their blog content was not relevant to my needs. Therefore, SEO and content marketing were both vital for an effective inbound marketing strategy. 




Quantity versus Quality, Is there a Perfect Potion Blend?


Did you ever go to a store where the assistants pestered you with offers to help when you were browsing? I’ll bet you did! I’ll also bet you know of retail outlets where there is no one to assist you anywhere you look. We need the perfect balance of an informative advice butler who is waiting patiently, but ready to serve the information we want, the instant we need it, on a virtual digital marketing silver tray. Marketing is all about having your content in the right place at the right time - to answer any question or match any topic search typed into Google. 

Smart SEO and digital content marketing potentially make the perfect inbound marketing team. Users search for the keywords ‘magic potion’, ‘recipe’ and ‘ingredients’ when they need the information urgently, perhaps instantly with a click. This is where SEO and content marketing can combine to deliver information seamlessly, in an instant. But only if everything goes together harmoniously. The ultimate goal is having your valuable, relevant, search engine optimized content found organically by prospective customers in search results. 

In the first instance, we need to have already posted a blog about how to brew a strength potion. We probably would have, if we were selling potion ingredients. SEO should also have ensured the keywords have been blended into the content like a good digital marketing drink mix, and that it has arranged the meta tags and other details to convince Google the overall offering was genuine. Instead, we wrote about mistakes to avoid in content strategy. Still, good chef's tips for when you're brewing an inbound marketing plan.

However, this SEO effort would still not convince the lead that our ingredients were remarkable enough to order. That would be digital content’s job (although it would still need SEO to deliver it). That wraps up the case for SEO keyword ranking being solely about content marketing. This lead generation potion is not magical but scientific - drink the SEO and content marketing mix with that in mind.


 Download the Inbound Guide to see the full list of ingredients of success.

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