Ecommerce would be the greatest invention since the Internet, were it not for one small thing. That “small thing” is the quad-zillion other people also doing it. So we are potentially competing with student entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, bored seniors, and survivalists living who knows where. Oh and the big names too.

Every department store (and online store) I visit has the exact same problem. How are they going to draw me in? They have to get me to purchase a product I did not have in mind when I walked through the door or clicked on their site. Maybe I had the product in mind, but was unsure who to buy it from – what sets them apart?

Ecommerce stores face big marketing obstacles. When I searched for a component for my car and checked the images, I got such a huge overwhelming jumble of similar-looking pictures that put me off to the whole process. So long fellas, you have absolutely no idea how bad it is trying to be your customer. To make matters worse, many companies flood the market with affiliate marketing techniques in hopes of flushing out the competition.

So this is the big reason for my rant. I found the same auto spare on eight places on eBay. The pictures were the same, and the descriptions were identical. The only difference was the price. They were between $12.73 to $54.78, but when I checked the three cheapest ones they became far more expensive because of shipping.

I gave up and ended up buying the product from a local brick-and-mortar store for $75.00. At least I had the assurance I could bring it back free if it turned out incompatible. It’s a crying shame really. If one those affiliate ecommerce marketers had used Magento to create a high-performing product page, they would have won my business. 


1. Tell the Story with a Picture

So tell me something: When Justin Bieber is on television, do you admire his pretty face, or listen to his words of wisdom first. Just kidding, but when you see a product that you like, do you look at it first, or interrogate the price tag? That one’s a no brainer.

Ever heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Images attract us on the Internet, while the actual words sell us in the second phase. Invest in high-quality photographs, preferably professionally shot and edited, composed appropriately, and please remember the alt tags for Google’s Sake. Make them nice and interactive so your customers can zoom in and out. Shoot a short video clip of yourself demonstrating your products, it’ll do wonders for your SEO. Then watch your sales soar!

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2. Now Explain Them with Words that Sell

Create original product descriptions exuding confidence and conviction. Your readers don’t need to be told what’s already in the picture, what you want to do is confirm the data, specifications, and benefits for the fortunate person who buys it. Keep the description tight and accurate for busy readers.

You must write original content in every product description, or else Google will think you have nothing new to say. You must also optimize for keywords and SEO for each one of them individually. If you don’t have time to do snappy headers, meta titles and meta descriptions then you may never be found.

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Magento Product Pages Performance

3. Less Is More With Good Design

Our customers don’t have time to waste peering through the clutter. Don’t chase them away with flashing lights and just-in-case links all over the place. Are your dreams like that? Of course they are not. We are happiest when focusing on a single thought we enjoy. 

Leave everything in virtual shadows except the basics. The essentials are:

  • what you are selling,
  • why they want it,
  • what it costs, and
  • how they go about getting it.

Make sure your product review pages and images meet these standards. Or else your user will run out of interest long before they go to your shopping cart.

4. Close the Deal with Dynamic CTAs

I call CTAs ‘dollar buttons’ because they are the source of income. Strangely, they are among the single most neglected features on ecommerce sites including Magento applications. This is no time to be modest and hide them in text hyperlinks. Your converted leads want your product and they want it now!

What you want is proper CTA buttons. That’s right! Those bright things the web conditioned us to look for everywhere we visit. This is no time to be shy. Make your call to action buttons stand out to the right or just below the images. Remember to do A/B testing so you know which words and designs on which buttons work best. 

5. Suggest Related Products as Alternatives

Your goal is to sell something to a user who lands on your site. Unless you are a missionary. Or want to flog your novel that took you half a lifetime to write. We don’t always aim with precision when we surf. I personally find the results pages help me clear my thinking.

Always provide alternatives in thumbnails after your description. You can use the ‘other customers bought these’ gig, or just showcase different colors and styles if you are doing clothing. Your customer might find your light green dustpan / brush set uninspiring, but go ballistic for the pink one. You’ll never know unless you try.

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6. Build Confidence with Customer Reviews 

Customer reviews are powerful stuff corny though most may be. Why else would there be so many comparison sites on the internet? When you think about it, the social media are also about sharing opinions, likes, and dislikes. Plus those annoying advertisements that want them to change.

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Should we write our own reviews, dare we even ask the question? Genuine ones from real customers are better, and more comforting because they are in different voices. If we are just beginning, we may have to construct a few ourselves, perhaps with help from friends – but delete them as soon as you have enough genuine ones.

I am getting tired of all those bulleted numbers. I also like to end off with a proper paragraph. My seventh piece of advice to create high-performing product pages on Magento is to have a website that loads in one to two seconds. Sure, I know industry best practice is three but who wants to be an also-ran? Large images that don’t immediately load full-size can be the cause of your problem. Also ask your Web Designer to evaluate your load times and re-evaluate your website conversion rates with your Inbound Marketing Team.

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