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Richard Farrell

Richard is a witty content writer, skilled at transforming dry topics into stories.
02 Nov 2017
growth driven design | 6 min read

Marketing Tips before a Web Design Creation or Revamp

Experience has taught us not to build websites primarily for our clien...

24 Oct 2017
SaaS | 7 min read

Why a SaaS Marketing Strategy Is Different than... well, Any Other...

A Software-as-a-Service or SaaS marketing strategy should be different...

19 Oct 2017

What's the Deal with Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence?

Is AI content marketing bah humbug, or is it a bitter pill for content...

10 Oct 2017
Math Marketing | 6 min read

Lead Scoring Methodology in the Inbound Framework

If I had an apple orchard - which I don’t - and I were in a hurry - wh...

29 Sep 2017
ROI | 6 min read

How to Measure Website Growth (And Why)

It helps a great deal to know how we are progressing. I guess the Viki...

22 Sep 2017
Inbound Marketing | 4 min read

Great Marketing Quotes Not About Marketing

Marketing is a big topic, but I wonder if we really understand it. Or,...

15 Sep 2017
Social Media Marketing | 6 min read

How to Boost Your B2B Social Media Marketing Efforts

We engage with folk on an emotional level each time we jump on social ...

06 Sep 2017

The Artificial Intelligence in Your Daily Life

I find the buzzword business quite frustrating sometimes. It seems to ...

16 Aug 2017
Math Marketing | 5 min read

How to Implement Predictive Analytics with Big Data

We are marketing in an unpredictable environment. One moment, the inte...

14 Aug 2017
ROI | 7 min read

The 30 Most Important KPIs for Sales and Marketing

Business planning is the process of identifying key performance areas ...

11 Aug 2017
growth driven design | 5 min read

Web Alert! What Is Growth Driven Design?

I think it is time I let you into a little secret. There is nothing co...

07 Aug 2017
Lead Generation | 6 min read

How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

19th century poet Mary Howitt penned a children’s rhyme in 1829 when s...

28 Jul 2017
Social Media Marketing | 7 min read

Importance of Social Media in Inbound Marketing

I am having an early morning Sunday as I write, and I am in whimsical ...

26 Jul 2017
Inbound Marketing | 7 min read

5 Steps to Creating Smart Buyer Personas

I would like to start with two simple definitions before I share my ad...

17 Jul 2017
Math Marketing | 6 min read

How to Implement a Business Intelligence Solution

Intelligence is a term much abused by some, especially politicians whe...

10 Jul 2017
Math Marketing | 6 min read

8 Steps to Implementing a Math Marketing Strategy

Math Marketing is the intelligent use of metrics so we snipe for fruit...

29 Jun 2017
ROI | 6 min read

How to Measure the ROI of Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Return on investment started out in life as a neat accounting term sum...

14 Jun 2017
Inbound Marketing | 7 min read

Growth Hacking or Inbound Marketing to Generate More Leads?

It is essential we grow our business by constantly finding new clients...

08 May 2017
Lead Generation | 5 min read

10 Inbound Tactics that Will Boost Your Lead Generation

There are signs that political events are overtaking traditional marke...

01 May 2017
growth driven design | 7 min read

Why Growth Driven Design Is the New Way to Generate Revenue

Have you ever walked into a store only to discover that they’ve moved ...

25 Apr 2017
growth driven design | 7 min read

Traditional Web Design vs Growth Driven Design

Most ideas evolve gradually over time. Take automobiles, for example. ...

17 Apr 2017
Lead Generation | 4 min read

How Social Media Can Generate B2B Leads

This article is about creating sales opportunities between two busines...

14 Apr 2017

5 Best Practices to Create Lead Capturing Forms

Do you remember how, when we were children, we went fishing at the sea...

11 Apr 2017
Sales | 5 min read

7 Tips to Create High-Performing Product Pages on Magento

Ecommerce would be the greatest invention since the Internet, were it ...

17 Mar 2017
SaaS | 5 min read

How to Nurture Our Customers When the Free Trial Is Over

Think of lead nurturing as a journey you and the client set out toward...

09 Mar 2017
SaaS | 5 min read

10 Ways to Convert Free Trial Users into Customers

The best way to get a customer to try a new chocolate flavor is to off...

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