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Laura Jean Holton

Laura is an American/British content writer, writing professionally about inbound marketing, social media and education.
24 Sep 2018
ROI | 7 min read

10 Marketing Challenges Marketers Will Face in 2019

  Every year brings new marketing challenges — and 2019 will be no dif...

21 Nov 2017
Inbound Marketing | 7 min read

Buyer's Journey in Depth: Decision Stage

The decision stage is the last of three in the buyer’s journey. At thi...

09 Nov 2017
Inbound Marketing | 5 min read

B2B Inbound Marketing: The Modern Business to Business Connection

One of the greatest struggles B2B companies face is lead generation. O...

11 Sep 2017
ROI | 5 min read

How to Calculate Your Website Conversion Rate

Without calculating conversion rate, you have no way of knowing how mu...

30 Aug 2017
Inbound Marketing | 6 min read

Why a Marketing Analytics Strategy Is Essential

If you try to measure too many metrics, you will drown in a sea of dat...

23 Aug 2017
ROI | 4 min read

13 Digital Tools for Measuring Content Marketing ROI

The only way to know that your content marketing is effective is by me...

21 Jul 2017
ROI | 6 min read

How to Measure Your Return on Digital Investment

Measuring return on digital investment is essential to prevent the was...

07 Jun 2017
Inbound Marketing | 6 min read

Buyer’s Journey in Depth: Awareness Stage

Your prospects need something different from you depending on where th...

21 Apr 2017
Math Marketing | 6 min read

How Predictive Marketing Can Boost Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been the buzzword of the last couple years...

31 Mar 2017
Sales | 5 min read

How to Increase Social Media Sales with Magento

Social media provide brands with a wide range of opportunities in term...

23 Mar 2017
SaaS | 7 min read

15 Elements of the Perfect SaaS Marketing Strategy

Central to the success of SaaS companies is a strong long-term relatio...

13 Mar 2017
Sales | 7 min read

SEO Best Practices for Magento

No matter where you publish content on the web, referring to a list of...

06 Mar 2017
| 5 min read

What is Smart inbound Optimization?

Anyone who is invested in inbound marketing has at least a basic under...

24 Feb 2017
Sales | 8 min read

10 Best Lead Nurturing Strategies to Increase Sales Revenue

Generating leads is only the first step in an effective marketing stra...

17 Feb 2017
Inbound Marketing | 5 min read

How to Promote Your Brand through Inbound Marketing

Content marketing plays a role in every stage of the sales funnel, fro...

15 Feb 2017
Sales | 6 min read

How to Increase Sales Productivity to Drive Revenue Growth

Sales are usually your primary revenue stream, therefore it makes sens...

25 Jan 2017
Math Marketing | 6 min read

Math Marketing: A New Strategic Approach to Inbound

If you are like most businesses, you are probably missing out on key o...

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