Diaa El All

Diaa El All is Vice President of Business Development at SiO Digital. His obsessions is to educate leads rather than try and sign them.
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April 12, 2018

The 12 Most Important Sales KPIs

To understand sales performance, you must go beyond looking at the basic measurements and turn...

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Lead Generation
March 22, 2018

MQL to SQL : How to Determine When Your Leads Are Ready to Convert?

When sales are scarce, it is tempting to make the most of every lead you have by sending each...

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Lead Generation
January 04, 2018

How to Deal with Bad Marketing Leads

It’s easy to live and die on every lead that finds your business. It’s a common mistake....

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Inbound Marketing
December 15, 2017

HubSpot SalesForce Integration: An Inbound Match Made in Heaven

The present-day CRM has a history that goes well back to the ‘80s when computers started...

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