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Diaa El All

Diaa El All is Vice President of Business Development at SiO Digital. His obsession is to educate leads rather than try and sign them.
22 Jan 2019
Inbound Marketing | 4 min read

HubSpot SalesForce Integration: An Inbound Match Made in Heaven

The present-day CRM has a history that goes well back to the ‘80s when...

23 May 2018
Sales | 8 min read

25 Tips to Help You Increase Sales Conversions

Every business wants to increase sales conversions. More customers mea...

12 Apr 2018
Sales | 8 min read

The 12 Most Important Sales KPIs

To understand sales performance, you must go beyond looking at the bas...

22 Mar 2018
Lead Generation | 5 min read

MQL to SQL : How to Determine When Your Leads Are Ready to Convert?

When sales are scarce, it is tempting to make the most of every lead y...

04 Jan 2018
Lead Generation | 6 min read

How to Deal with Bad Marketing Leads

It’s easy to live and die on every lead that finds your business. It’s...

05 Oct 2017
Sales | 7 min read

Solution Selling: the Inbound Sales Process

Buyers are getting smarter. They often do their research, comparison s...

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