New content is created by the thousands every single day, a lot of it is regurgitated, reformed mush – but how do you know if you’re actually doing content marketing right?

The Most Successful Content Marketing Campaigns by Well-Known Brands

Create content for your intended audience. Think about what information they would find valuable and useful and develop your content from there. Most customers like to see research reports and studies, technical specifics and data sheets, etc. present even though they may not necessarily read it. Highly valued and engaging content is the most important factor in doing content marketing. Tailor your content to the interests of different prospects and at the different stages of the buying cycle. Monitor content consumption throughout the sales process and you will be able to see if you are doing content marketing right. Remember to continually promote your content and remain relevant through measuring and analyzing engagement data.Read: How to Measure Your Return on Digital Investment

Successful Strategies and Examples

Make It Personal and Sincere

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign was widely successful because they made it all about the customer. They chose the most popular names by region and put them on their bottles and cans and encouraged their customers to share their experience with others. An ethos-driven (emotional focus) campaign hones in on the human factor involved in doing content marketing right.  

Make It Value-Driven

Along with creating educational and informative content, showcase it in an innovative way. In this realm and the next, everyone knows about Hootsuite and their “Game of Social Thrones” ad campaign. They took a traditional marketing idea and applied it to popular culture. Have fun doing content marketing right now and more people will have fun reading and sharing your content!

Make It Visually Engaging

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Take a page from GoPro’s highly visual and adrenaline-pumping campaign. They equate daring and amazing lifestyles with their brand. You can just picture yourself there, GoPro in hand, doing awesome adventurous things! Storybooks with pictures are more enjoyable than those without. Don’t forget that doing content marketing right doesn’t have to be all words and numbers – use creative means like multimedia and infographics to transport your customers to your ideal world.

How Should You Be Doing Content Marketing Right Now?

Promote. Promote. Promote. Sell yourself, don’t sell yourself short. Spread the magic and create something intrinsically valuable that people want and crave. Always pause to re-evaluate your campaign and continue to revisit your Smart Content Strategy to make sure you are keeping on course. And always remember that when you’re doing content marketing – make it human, valuable, and beautiful.

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