AI Marketing is all the buzz and you ask yourself (and your teams, and your friends) what the fuss is about. As you should, since many people talk about it and few explain what it means for your business. How can Artificial Intelligence help you make sound strategic decisions?

I will not tell you how it may take the grind off repetitive and labor intensive tasks. Nor will I speculate about the ways it-may-or-may-not boost your profit, if-you-do-it-right-and-at-the-right-time.

Plenty of virtual ink has already been used on the topic.

Rather, I’m offering you a VIP pass behind the scenes and screens of SiO Digital.

The Marketing and Sales Process of an Ai-powered Inbound Marketing Agency

We too have published on the matter of AI in the marketing stack. We’ve been more discreet about how we ACTUALLY use Ai tools to document every decision we make regarding the strategy we implement for our clients. Time to explain why we call ourselves innovators.

Data Acquisition

Where does it all begins? With data. Without it, you cannot do much. The glorious days of acquiring data by picking up clues when discussing with a prospect, or checking their LinkedIn profile are pretty much over. Don’t get me wrong. You should still pay attention, but how about letting AI do the work for you and parse the world to regurgitate BIG DATA instead?

Data Acquisition

There’s an AI tool for that, and we use it to aggregate what analytics show, what customers say, think, and feel

It will go pick up info from the CRM you use, listen to the social grapevine so you don’t have to, identify patterns… Data acquisition through AI will even collect your competitors’ data so you know where you stand.

Step one: complete

Now What? AI Predictive Analysis

We’ve been ardent supporters of Predictive Marketing for…ever, really… What we knew to do with data modeling, and the problems it allowed us to solve is now taken to a whole new level.

Predictive Analysis

Think about it: when all goes well, you barely give a second glance at your dashboard: metrics are up, numbers are on goal, your teams have met or exceeded their objectives.

But what do you do when you notice a gap, a plunge? When something looks terribly wrong, and you need to figure out why? You get everyone back to their excel sheets and pivot tables? That’s a lot of work for uncertain results.

There’s an AI tool for that.

It will start by smartly segmenting customers so they can easily be excluded from (or included in) the correlations. This will help isolate the answers to the fundamental questions:

  • What happened
  • Why it happened
  • What is happening now
  • What might happen

Heck, dear, AI also answers those questions. Being in-the-know enough to avoid a crash before it happens again is our trump card.

What else Do We Need?

We need to get to work. We need to exploit Marketing Intelligence so we know what to give to your prospects, and when. Never losing sight of the customer experience; this helps us build the bridge between data and the desired outcome (theirs, not yours). Intelligent algorithms (those that nearly self-build and connect all behavioral marketingdots) result in more relevant workflows, and automation becomes a breeze.

Marketing intelligence

Needless to say, it doesn’t mean we entrust everything to machine learning. But because we obtain such deep insights, we can brainstorm more efficiently and unleash our full creative potential.

Effective Lead Generation

iNBOUND iNTELLIGENCE methodology takes the process to new levels, makes the most of the resources and helps achieve an ideal Sales/Marketing alignment. It generates truly qualified leads and helps understand them all the way through their buyer’s journey. By knowing exactly their pain points and challenges (rather than working on 50% of facts and 50% of guesses), the answers are bang-on.

Lead Generation

We precisely deliver the solutions they are expecting, when they are expecting them. Bottom line? Reduce churn, reduced COCA, higher ROI, and revenue growth. If those goals are not on your list, you should consider a career change.

What Smarketing Achieves

Don’t think that because AI produces amazing results at the top and middle of the funnel, your sales department will close like maniacs and be done. Although conversion to customer is highly improved, there is a lot sales teams can still contribute. The best source of data about your target is at the bottom of the funnel and beyond.

Sales Intelligence

Intelligence coming for your Sales Qualified Leads and your current customer base is priceless: it helps to refine the buyer personas so we get ever so closer to offering the perfect solution; it helps forecast sales with more accuracy. We plug AI into your CRM so it becomes more than a repository of facts and morphs into an insights-generator.

Measuring and Improving

Our work is never done. Should we become complacent and a tad lazy because something works beautifully, we’d soon be out of a job. There is ALWAYS room for improvement, mainly because everything changes fast around us. The market changes, behaviors change, trends come and go. AI Marketing itself gets better every second. Which means, the tools get better… which means, data gets better.

Marketing Intelligence

Continuous improvement implies drilling down those favorite Marketing KPIs of ours and making sure we never miss an opportunity to upgrade our processes. We solve pain points, only to solve them better the next round over.

All of this, my friend, is the foundation for SiO Digital’s growth-driven strategies.