Magento is a powerful eCommerce solution, but part of what makes it so powerful is its versatile adaptability.  A nimble solution, Magento allows for limitless expansion using popular plugins that extend the functionality of the software.  These extensions are what make Magento the leading online sales solution several years running.  These tools when used in conjunction with Magneto and each other unleash a deluge of sales potential.


1. Yopto Product Reviews

Yopto is a great plugin that helps you generate more user reviews for the products you sell.  Product reviews from real customers is increasingly gaining trust among the general online shopping population, and by powering new content from user reviews you’re also taking a step in the right direction towards better search engine optimization.  Fresh content helps Google know that your page is dynamic and fresh, rather than stagnant and aging.

2. SEO Suite (tool)

If you’re not familiar with Search Engine Optimization, get familiar.  Optimizing your content for search engine indexing is pretty much the most fundamental operation you can undertake for your online business.  One of the most widely touted SEO tools for your Magento store is the SEO Suite

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3. Full Page Cache (tool)

The “cache” (pronounced “cash”) is basically a folder that saves pages from the websites you visit so they can be displayed extra fast when you revisit those same pages, or other pages on the website that use identical elements (such as navigation graphics, for example) and when you invest in the Full Page Cache plugin you see the returns when the strain on your server is reduced, and conversion rates go up.  

Amazon found a 1% increase in sales revenue for every 100 milliseconds they were able to improve site speed, and you can do something similar for your own online business.

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Conversion Rate versus Load Time

4. User Friendly Navigation: Amasty (tool)

Without optimizing usability (user-friendliness) you’re sure to lose some prospective sales as a matter of regular operation.  Few websites on the internet are optimized to be user-friendly, and this results in more back buttons being hit than nearly any other factor, except for page load-time.  Using the Improved Layered Navigation you get the improved user experience along with SEO tidy URLs.  

Everyone loves to be able to narrow down what they’re looking for using tools like price sliders and brand filters, including the shoppers who come to your own online Magento store.

5. Social Sharing: ShareThis (tool)

Social sharing has become the lifeblood of the Internet in recent years, and has begun to give search engine optimization a run for its money in terms of significance, tying directly into SEO results as well as driving a fair amount of referral traffic and generating “buzz” among the social networks.  

When you install the ShareThis social sharing tool, not only do you give visitors the easy ability to spread your content for you, but also the ability to A/B test Facebook posts and receive alerts when any of your content goes viral.

6. Carts Guru Magento

One of the biggest challenges online retailers face is shopping cart abandonment.  We’ve all done it: added an item or possibly 30 items to a shopping cart before deciding that now just isn’t the time to buy, and left our full cart in limbo.  

In fact, 68% of us abandon our shopping carts before completing the purchase when we shop online.  Carts Guru offers multi channeled customized algorithmic solutions to reengage with the customer and convince them to complete their purchase.

7. Google Analytics Magento Extension

Anyone serious about improving the performance of their eCommerce site should have analytics tracking in place and collecting data.  This tool makes it easy to integrate Google Analytics with your Magento eCommerce platform.

8. Marketing Platform (Hubspot)

Allowing you to track and manage all of your customers with extreme ease, HubSpot is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that makes it easy to manage your interactions with your customers and market to them appropriately.  Free for life for an entry-level account, leveraging the power of a marketing platform like HubSpot is an essential tool for marketing to your customers online.

9. Payment Methods (

With payment processing being fundamental to the online business model, helps you handle all the technical and financial aspects of digital transactions and maximises online security for you and your customers.

10.  Blog Pro

A fully-fledged blogging system that lets anyone integrate a responsive blog seamlessly into their Magento eCommerce storefront, Blog Pro has all the features you’d expect from blogging software with the added benefit of being easy enough for anybody to install right into their Magento platform.

11.  ZoPim Live Chat

When someone is available to live to chat with you about any questions you have regarding a particular product or service offered online, it has the tendency to boost conversion rates because of how engaging and immediate the response can be.  ZoPim’s Live Chat extension boosts conversion rates and has an auto-response feature for stores that can’t currently offer 24/7 support in real-time to their customers.

12.  Magic Zoom

It’s all in the details, isn’t it?  Magic Zoom lets users get an up-close and detailed look at the items you sell before they buy, helping foster optimal customer satisfaction rates after the delivery truck rolls away from your customer’s home as he or she decides to turn to their computer, tablet, laptop, or phone, and leave a nice review of their new product from your online Magento store.  

Magic Zoom helps you easily add product videos and just really makes for an optimal user experience during the shopping phase.

13.  Step Up- High Performance

This extension gives you the fine-tuning your Magento site needs to put it over the top.  As the title may explain, this lets you step up your optimization for a higher performance than before.  Touting such benefits of halving the load time of your site, partly by decreasing processing time by up to 97%, as well as optimizing your user interface which leads to increased conversion rates.  One click installation and easy to use, it’s the final arrow in your quiver when it comes to targeting customers and maximising revenue.

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